Commercial Roof Replacement in Western Los Angeles

At Atlas Roofing, we offer commercial roof replacements in West Hills, CA, and the western Los Angeles area. When it comes to roof damage, the cost of a roof repair versus a roof replacement can vary by thousands of dollars.

Completely tearing off the old roof to install a new one requires more labor and materials but is an investment in your business. Our trusted commercial roof replacement contractors will guide you through the process and recommend the best possible solution.

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Commercial Roof Replacement Contractor in West Hills

When your valuable real estate suffers irreparable roof damage, a roof replacement is the only solution to solve the problem. Calling upon a professional to get the job done can save you time, money, and frustration.

Roof replacement involves:

  • Tearing off the old roof.
  • Disposing of debris at the local landfill.
  • Bringing in new materials.
  • Executing a perfect roof installation.

Our contractors will examine your property for any hidden damage while removing the old roof. As the most trusted commercial roof replacement company in Los Angeles, we suggest a roof replacement only when an old, damaged roof can no longer benefit from commercial roof repair services.

Some of the benefits of a roof replacement include:

  • No more frequent repairs
  • Increased property value
  • Long-term security
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • New roof warranty
  • Protection of business equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Best Commercial Roof Replacement Services in Los Angeles County

Newer roofs not only enhance your commercial property’s appearance but also offer improved strength, damage resistance, better durability, and superior energy efficiency. At Atlas Roofing, we deliver the best commercial and residential roof replacement services in Los Angeles, CA, because we use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge tools.


As your local commercial roof replacement company, our reliable roofers will evaluate your roof and consult with you regarding the extent of the roof damage, as well as your budgets. We can replace your old roof with a similar one or change the look of your commercial property by installing one of the following roof types:

  • Built-Up Roofing – Multiple layers of asphalt for waterproofing
  • Prefabricated – Low maintenance, aesthetically appealing for commercial steel buildings
  • Modified Roofing – Low-slope roofing material, increases strength and durability
  • Single-Ply Roofing – Waterproofing solution, best suited for low-slope applications
  • Steep Slope Roofing – Shingle and tile roofing solutions

At Atlas Roofing, our contractors can replace all available types of roofs. We provide efficient, practical solutions for all kinds of roof damage. Our team will ensure the safety of your property and our workers while executing your roof replacement and.


Make your commercial property new again by scheduling a commercial roof replacement today! Reach out to our team, and they will deliver a flawless commercial roof replacement West Hill service.