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Working with a roof inspection company in Los Angeles County such as Atlas Roofing can save you from alot of damages in future. A roof is your home or business’ primary defense against the elements, so don’t let yours deteriorate. A well-maintained roof protects you from all sorts of environmental factors, insulates your building, and lasts for decades. If you think you may have a leak or other roof damage, call Atlas Roofing.


At Atlas Roofing, our experienced roofing experts thoroughly inspect your roof for damage and report back to you with unbiased information. Unlike other roofing contractors who will upcharge you on needless services, Atlas Roofing offers trustworthy advice and honest roof inspection services to help you save time and money. We will tell you what you need, not what you want to hear.


Atlas Roofing is proud to provide Los Angeles realtors, homeowners, and business owners with top-quality roof inspection services at competitive prices. If you are looking for a roof inspection contractor that can cut costs while providing excellent and impartial roofing advice, Atlas Roofing can help! We will keep you informed on the health and stability of your roof and help you navigate and implement possible roof repairs or roof replacements.


If you have any questions about roof inspection or roofing services in West Hills, please call us at (747) 529-745

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A roof inspection evaluates the damage and life expectancy of your roof to determine the necessary next steps. Every building is different; some need a few simple roof repairs, while others require a total roof replacement. Atlas Roofing offers trustworthy advice and honest recommendations for residential roof repair or roof replacement based on an unbiased inspection of your property.


Our team of experienced roofers will assess your roof for:

  • Missing or damaged shingles or tiles
  • Holes and leaks
  • Moss formation
  • Structural damage and rotting
  • Gutter condition
  • And much more

Built into the roof inspection cost is a thorough report detailing all signs of damage. Our goal is customer satisfaction, so we guarantee an unbiased assessment of possible repairs. We want you to make an informed decision on what is best for your property and your wallet.


Atlas Roofing offers competitive, cost-effective prices on all manner of roof repairs, replacements, and inspections. We are proud to provide West Hills and the greater Los Angeles area with high-quality roofing services and excellent customer service.

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Are you in need of a roof repair for your home or business? Do you suspect you might have a damaged or leaking roof? Whatever your roofing needs may be, the first step is a complete roof inspection performed by experienced professionals.


If you are looking for a roof inspection for your Los Angeles home or business, our experienced roofing experts have got you covered. Atlas Roofing is a licensed, bonded, and insured roof inspection company with friendly service and competitive prices. We will provide a detailed report of your roof to determine the best options for your property. Get in touch with Atlas Roofing today to set up your next roof inspection in West Hills, California!