Residential Roof Maintenance Company in West Hills, CA


To take full advantage of your roof’s life, getting roof tune-up services in West Hills done regularly is necessary. Replacing a whole roof can be very costly, especially when expensive clay roof, concrete roof , and slate roof tiles are already popular options in Los Angeles county. Replacing the roof of your home or business is easily preventable with regular roof maintenance and repairs.



Residential roofing tune-up is a no-brainer when you compare maintenance costs to the costs of re-roofing and re-covering. In addition to saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on roof maintenance instead of a total residential roof replacement, you can ensure that your roof will stay protected year-round.



Having your residential roof maintained is just as necessary as roof replacement when the circumstances call for it. Atlas Roofing offers reliable roof tune-up services in West Hills, CA, to extend and protect the life of your asphalt roof, tile roof, or flat roof. Our expert roofers have years of experience maintaining roofs of various styles and materials.

Roof Maintenance Services in Los Angeles, California

Roof maintenance encompasses many different tasks, with a focus on cleaning and inspection. We provide complete roof tune-up services to our customers in Los Angeles, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our experts at Atlas Roofing are up to date on roofing best practices, licensed in performing residential roof tune-ups, and use the most efficient maintenance methods.



Gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are included in the residential roof tune-up service package we offer. Our team removes debris and vegetation collected in the gutters and on the roof itself to ensure that any damages are visible. We promptly repair any damaged areas to prevent leaks.



We examine areas on the roof where trees, electrical equipment, HVAC systems, and satellite dishes come in contact with shingles or tiles. After a thorough roof inspection, we make roof repairs anywhere we find cracks, blistering, broken tiles, and other damaged spots. Foot traffic from other tradesmen can also cause damage, so we check for that as well.

#1 Roof Maintenance Contractors in Western Los Angeles - Atlas Roofing

Our detailed maintenance analysis makes Atlas Roofing the number one residential roof maintenance contractor in the western Los Angeles area. Our thorough examinations leave no stone unturned. We perform roofing tune-ups with the best equipment and materials available to give our customers in California the most effective protection against aging and weather.

Because we source our tiles and shingles from only the best manufacturers, our prices are more affordable than competing contractors. In addition to this, we provide a free consultation and roof inspection for customers. We schedule a regular roof tune-up to stay on top of your home’s protection against the harsh California temperatures as often as your roof needs it.

Atlas Roofing is proud to be the leading roof maintenance company in West Hills, CA. Be sure to give us a call at (747) 529-7455 to set up a consultation or learn more about our roof tune-up services in West Hills.