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Roofing Services in Encino

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Investing in a significant home improvement project like a new roof or deck construction is exciting, but it can also be intimidating. There is always a risk any time you hire a company to work on your home that they will live up to their promises and deliver on time and on budget. Encino homeowners need a trusted roofing contractor that can take that weight off their shoulders through expert craftsmanship and superior customer service. That’s where Atlas comes in!

At Atlas Roofing, we are dedicated to helping California residents achieve more comfortable, protected, and gorgeous homes through our professional roofing and construction services. Whether you want to replace your current roof or have a new rooftop balcony built on your home, we will work closely with you to make it happen in a way that suits your needs, taste, and budget. Contact us today to start discussing your ideas and planning your next home improvement project right away!


New Roof Installation & Replacement in Encino

Regardless of why you wish to have your roof replaced, we know your biggest concerns are that it protects your home, improves its aesthetic, and offers improved energy efficiency for decades to come. However, spending your money on even the best roofing materials available simply isn’t enough. The more difficult part is often finding a trusted roofing contractor with ample experience to perform the installation.

At Atlas Roofing, our seasoned roofers have years of experience installing all different kinds of roofs. We also offer premium roofing materials for all the roof types we install so our customers are never short on quality options to choose from. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the potential choices, our friendly team of roofing experts would be happy to walk you through the details of each until you are completely confident in your investment.

We specialize in the following roof types: 

Concrete Balconies & Rooftop Decks in Encino

Even people who don’t live in Southern California know just how much the weather is one of the greatest benefits of living here. As an Encino homeowner, having a comfortable outdoor space where you can enjoy a few relaxing moments to yourself or entertain a handful of guests adds a whole new dimension to your residence. What better way to make the most of the LA sunshine than with your own balcony or rooftop deck?

When it comes to safe, reliable construction you can count on, look no further than Atlas Roofing! Concrete balconies and decks are inherently difficult construction projects because they must be properly integrated into your current structure, so homeowners would do themselves a favor to vet anyone they hire to work on their homes. At Atlas Roofing, we are experts at building rooftop decks and balconies in a way that both maximizes your home’s potential and boosts its curb appeal. By the time we are done with your new balcony or roof deck, you will have a brand new outdoor living space where you can make new memories, host guests, or simply relax and take in some fresh air without ever having to leave your property!

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If you are an Encino homeowner in need of roof repair or roof installation services, Atlas Roofing has a solution for you! Regardless of the scale of your home improvement project, we are committed to providing lasting solutions that fit your budget and will serve you for years to come. Contact us below and let us know how we can help turn your vision into a reality!

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Has your roof reached the end of its lifespan? Don’t wait till it begins to crumble or starts leaking. Reach out to Atlas Roofing, the best roof repair and replacement contractor in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego areas.

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